"It was extraordinary how much of a difference Camilla made to our family. She was empathetic, understood our concerns, and was spot-on with her advice – things began to change within our home immediately. I highly recommend her for any worries to do with parenting."  
Emma Freud and Richard Curtis, parents of four

 "I just wanted to say a big thank you for seeing us & helping us last night.  I really do feel inspired & positive!  It's so nice to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about too as there is a lot of well meaning but unhelpful advice given.  You're very good at your job & I don't know how you stay so calm with 4 children!"
Gemma and Alistair Clegg, parents of three children

"We were very fortunate to have Camilla as our parenting coach in our school – John Burns Primary. Never in a million years did we think that the amount of parents who showed up would keep showing up week after week – eager to learn more. Camilla has a fantastic ability to make everybody feel accepted and welcome and related to all our parents authentically and without judgement. She is able to share her wisdom, gained from both personal and studied experience, in a clear, empathic, fun, inclusive way and all of the parents who took part in her course felt that they had grown in their parenting skills, learnt new things about themselves and made new friends along the way. We just hope she will come back again soon!"
Sophie Pryal, Kids Company, school service team leader  within John Burns Primary School

"My husband and I decided to see Camilla as we went through a difficult time with our son. We could not handle his behaviour and that affected our day-to-day life. Camilla listened to our stories very carefully and was able to understand the real issues of his behaviour. She was really supportive and was able to give us some very effective tools for how to handle him so much better. We are now a changed family. My husband and I really needed someone like Camilla. She is objective, understanding and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children."
Simon Harper and Patrizia Gnoato, parents of two boys

"I first attended Camilla's classes six years ago when my youngest children were three-year-old twins. I also had three older children. I actually thought I knew quite a lot about raising happy children as I had already been to another parenting course. Boy, was I wrong! Camilla taught me a huge amount, weaving her practical tips with her own experience and vast reading, as well as her innate wisdom and compassion to come up with wonderful solutions to the sort of challenges I was facing. In fact, I was so grateful to Camilla that our group of six mums continued working with her after we had completed our initial course for a further year as there was still more to learn! I would highly recommend her course to any parent, at any stage of their parenting life."
Rachel Kelly, mother of five

"It was a great opportunity to have Camilla McGill deliver a six-week Parent Gym course at Ethelred Nursery School and Children’s Centre. Camilla was professional and warm. Parent Gym offers a diverse group of parents the opportunity to learn new, fresh, simple and valuable ideas to help them deal with their parenting issues. Parents were given resources to help support them and manage their children’s behaviour. Parents’ feedback said Parent Gym gave them a great opportunity to gain confidence in their parenting abilities. Thanks Camilla for sharing your expertise with our parents."
Charmaine Cummings, Outreach Coordinator, Ethelred Nursery School and Children’s Centre

"I really value the sessions I had with Camilla. I came away with a toolbox which is useful in emergency situations and for those everyday issues that arise whilst bringing up children. I did the sessions with a group of friends and we didn't want them to end!  Camilla imparted tips, gave out wisdom, was and is discreet, practical and unjudging. And when I remember her words of wisdom,  my kids are way better off for them."
Allie Esiri, mother of three

"Going to see Camilla was a great decision as she was able to put us back on the right track. We were stuck in a rut and our parenting of our two boys wasn't providing us with the results we wanted. We were at the end of our tether and didn't know which way to turn. Camilla really helped us to look at situations from a different perspective and understand how we had got ourselves into the rut. She gave us some really useful, practical tips to help us deal with some challenging situations and the result is a calmer house, happier boys and happier parents! I would have no hesitation in recommending Camilla to other parents."
Eva and Jon Aldridge

"Camilla, I have to thank you for many things. Thanks to you my life has changed a lot. Life with my girls is a lot easier and every day I feel more proud to be their mum and more confident in confronting daily obstacles. I realised that with your programme, life is easier and I can say that I feel more relaxed facing situations that in the past used to terrify me.  I will never forget the help that you have given me. With sincere gratitude, a very happy mother."
Claudia Caro, mother of two girls

"We came to see Camilla in a terrible state regarding our second son who was having a really difficult time at nursery. He was constantly in trouble, the school seemed unable to cope with him and he would have terrible tantrums at home and at school. The relief in talking to Camilla was immense. She made us see that he wasn't a 'bad' boy, that he had so many wonderful qualities to nurture and through some new techniques of being more positive, firmer and more consistent we were able to have a fantastic impact on him. He became more confident, more able to express himself and so much calmer. I really recommend anyone to see Camilla."
Isabel Rodriguez, mother of four boys

"Working with Camilla gave me the additional tools and knowledge to equip myself to become a stronger and more dedicated parent to my daughters. I feel more confident, more patient and more understanding of them."
Melissa Johnson, mother of two girls

"Dear Laura, I have just seen the marvellous Camilla McGill. Thank you so much for recommending her. I am seriously thinking about asking her to move in with us so I can have instant access to her wisdom at all times!"

Adina mother of two teenagers

Hi Camilla,

Well... you are a GENIUS!!! Honestly I’ve been following your advice and things almost instantly got better. Ellie responded really well to everything particularly the talking about her bladder part. We check in with her bladder every so often and she does a little voice for it ‘hello! I need Ellie to do a wee’. So we have had a completely dry week at nursery, two poos on the loo and one ‘accident’. But with no bribes and she now tells me when she needs the loo!!!  She has only had a couple of wee accidents since we started the new techniques. 

Then with the reflective listening that also seems to work really well with both of them and we are all a lot calmer. Plus I got Ellie involved in food prep which she loves and she even branches out to pesto pasta and potato waffles (not together...).

I am just so grateful to you! I can’t believe that small changes have made so much difference. The best part is that I’m really starting to enjoy parenting again and enjoying Ellie more!

Thank you SO much!

Harriet xxx

Harriet - mother of two daughters

Hi Camilla,

We have had a breakthrough!  Towards the end of last week she just decided to wee without a nappy at nursery and then over the weekend she did the same at home and out of the house.  She seems extremely happy with herself which is great. 

I have to confess there were times when I thought we would never get there so a huge thank you for all your help and advice.  It has been invaluable - we were at the end of our tether about the whole process and it was brilliant to get some calm reassurance and practical steps, so thank you very much.  I am confident we will be back for advice when other things pop up that we don’t know quite how to handle, so no doubt we will be in touch again!

Best wishes

Name withheld