Why Seek Advice?

With almost 20 years of professional experience working with parents, Camilla provides tried and tested solutions to the wide range of problems that so many parents face. Her philosophy is that our job as parents is to nurture and guide our children so that we bring out the best in them. She believes very few parents know instinctively how best to approach every  situation, and that parenting is a skill that can be acquired.

  • Do you worry that you’re not 'getting it right' with your children?Article Image
  • Do you have a specific problem with your child that you'd like help with?
  • Do you find you go round and round in circles and fail to take consistent, positive action?
  • Has your child entered a new phase in their life? Are you unsure how to deal with it as your previous parenting methods are no longer working?
  • Do you feel like you are never in charge?
  • Do you give in too easily?
  • Are you too strict?
  • Do your children seem more unruly or disrespectful than others?
  • Is your child lacking in the confidence to try new things?
  • Do you feel like a doormat for children who depend on you for too much?
  • Have you reached an impasse potty training your child or are you dealing with a 'withholding' issue?

"Working with Camilla changed my life, my marriage and my family. She taught us with love and  skill."
Rachel Kelly,  mother of five

Camilla offers private, one-to-one consultations. Parents who come to see her usually have an issue (or more than one issue) that they would like help and support to resolve. The issues most frequently discussed are general parenting challenges, for example parents who want to stay calm and feel more confident and in control. Sometimes the problem might be more to do with the child, for example poor cooperation or rudeness, lack of self-reliance, low motivation, poor eating or sleeping habits, or sibling rivalry. Some children are temperamentally more challenging and harder to handle and parents often need help with this.

"Camilla is a talented and very skilled parent coach. She has coached more than 20 programmes with Parent Gym and volunteered her time supporting over a hundred parents. She is able to build a strong rapport with parents from a diverse range of backgrounds and to encourage them to persist with new ideas. Camilla is sensitive and supportive and uses her skills and knowledge to help parents unpick knotty issues as well as providing a wide range of practical ideas to help families. Camilla always has excellent feedback from parents and has been a real pleasure to work with.
Geethika Jayatilaka, Director Parent Gym

The one-to-one sessions are designed to be reassuring, positive and practical. Camilla is completely non-judgemental and, if relevant, she may share some of the challenges she has encountered herself over the years with her own children, and solutions she and her husband have developed. She will help parents decide on a course of action that fits with their values, their temperament and characters and with their children's nature and temperament. Parents leave the sessions feeling reassured, uplifted and more positive, and they are armed with a set of action steps. Camilla recommends a package of three sessions to make sure that parents have made lasting changes, and that the skills they have learnt are really embedded. For optimum results it is best that if both parents are involved in raising the children both come to the sessions.

Camilla also offers private group parenting sessions with like-minded friends who would like her to facilitate on an area of concern they are facing. This could be starting school, friendship issues, dealing with boisterous behaviour or approaching the teenage years. Alternatively, the group could suggest a topic for Camilla to discuss with them.