Getting Support for Potty Training

Do you want to get potty training sorted by learning a gentle, collaborative and hugely successful approach? Camilla has been working with parents for almost 20 years now and is a mother of four children.  She has researched, tested and refined her methods for potty training and has worked out a system that parents absolutely love and children respond to brilliantly.  Parents of more than one child will often tell you how different they all were when it came to potty training.  It is important therefore to know that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach.  Whether you want to begin the process or have started and it didn't go to plan, Camilla will teach you a failsafe method. She works with parents during their consultations to figure out the best approach with each child and create a plan of action that gets the results you want.  Camilla offers a free 20 minute consultation to help you decide if you'd like to work with her. Click here to get in touch Contact for free consultation

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Potty Training Audit: Have you had some success but want some extra help? Take a 'Potty Training Audit'  Camilla offers two 45 minute video consultations to iron out the problems. The investment in an audit is £195 

Platinum Potty Training Package: - Have you have reached a really difficult stage with your child and want to sort it out once and for all? Camilla Gives clients her complete support via the Platinum Package which includes:

  • Comprehensive 'intake forms' filled out by you which Camilla analayses prior to the initial consultation to help get to the root of the problems
  • Initial 90 minute video consultation
  • 60 minute follow up session (or 2 x 30 minutes)
  • A video recording of the session for parents to review to deepen their learning
  • Complete Guide to Potty Training  E book writen by Camilla
  • Exclusively designed printable materials for children based on years of research
  • Other tailored printable resources
  • Unlimited personal email support between the sessions to ensure you are on the right track
  • Acces to Potty Success Academy Camilla's online training programme and membership of private facebook group

The investment for the platinum package is £450   Appointments can be daytime or evenings and conducted on video conference which is recorded for you to review.   Camilla offers a free 20 minute consultation to help you decide if you'd like to work with her. Click here to get in touch Contact for free consultation.  Camilla will get back to you as soon as possible.


  "My partner and I thought we were ready to tackle potty training. We absorbed as much information and guidance as we could given our demanding jobs. What began as a slow burn with modest gains was quickly undermined by suffering - our little one began was so unhappy. She was scared and we were at a loss. Thankfully we found Camilla just in time. Within the first conversation, Camilla put us at ease. She offered invaluable insight and helped get us on the right track immediately. Camilla has earned our highest endorsement." David Haines, father of 1

"We got in touch with Camilla as our daughter had regressed with toilet training despite being fully trained a few months earlier. We found her very easy to talk to and full of ideas of help. Some seemed obvious but needed Camilla to point them out to us, and some were completely new to us. We tried them the next day and have not had any toilet issues since! 

She has helped us not only with the main issue for which we contacted her, but with wider and related parenting advice. With her vast experience of helping parents like us, we would recommend her to anyone." Megan and Jonathan, parents of two



"When I came to talk to Camilla, I felt like I’d reached the end of my tether with potty training. My daughter, Isabel, aged 3½, was often having accidents and she refused to do a poo in the potty at all. She would creep away quietly and then deny that she’d made a large deposit in her pants. She was refusing to use the loo when I suggested it and she would then wet herself shortly afterwards.

By talking it through with Camilla, I realised how much my reaction to Isabel and my expectations of her were impeding her progress. I hadn’t appreciated how tense I’d become about it and how much I transmitted my disappointment to her. Camilla and I looked at the different ways I could help give Isabel confidence and independence, and how to offer her simple choices. Camilla taught me what to say to Isabel to show her that I understood how she felt. I began to approach potty training with a lighter heart and I was able to engage Isabel much more in order to help her control her toilet habits. Isabel and I talked about her bladder and bowels (she learnt these grown-up words) and how annoying it can be when they don’t give you the right signals. Instead of making a chart to reward her for whether or not she’d used the loo or the potty, we made a chart to see if her body had given her any signal or not. This made her engage in the process without blaming herself if her body wasn’t functioning in the right way.

The difference it has made to her all round is phenomenal. She is a happier child and she has become much more independent. She is far drier and we have far less ‘quiet poos’ too. Now Isabel and I are tackling the problem together, rather than her 'being' the problem."

Carolina Montenegro, mother of 3



"After 8 months of battling through potty training with my son Oliver I felt defeated and put him back in pull ups. I was fed up with arguing over whether or not he needed to use the potty and had had enough of constantly rinsing and washing wet and soiled clothes. Oliver was three and a half and I was convinced he was ‘ready’ but he would never take the initiative and got frustrated when I reminded him. Things had gone wrong along the way and I didn’t know how to fix them. I felt like a huge failure and my stress levels had rocketed. I called Camilla desperate for help.
Prior to our consultation Camilla sent through a form for me to complete to give her a better understanding of Oliver. I found this a hugely useful exercise in itself as it helped me to organise my thoughts. I could see where things were not working and realised that perhaps I was being unfair to Oliver as I wasn't reacting in a way that was helpful to him.

Camilla suggested we looked at how we communicated with Oliver. We spoke about disassociating the actual function by saying things like 'your body needs to wee' and asking whether he noticed the signal or not. We stopped using a reward system (it hadn’t worked anyway) and instead Camilla taught us how to praise in a factual and descriptive way that actually meant something to him. Camilla advised we took him to the potty at one or two set times of the day as part of our routine and taught me how to give him a steer without nagging him if it was obvious that he needed to go. 
I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders after speaking with Camilla. The time during the consultations flew by but we went through everything thoroughly and I felt I was being listened to and given advice that was appropriate. I had been given lots of tips from well meaning friends who had sailed through potty training but their suggestions hadn’t worked for us so it felt great to be given the tools to tackle it from a different angle.
Within a few days Oliver was telling me he needed to go to the potty and within a week or so he wanted to go back to wearing pants. I was nervous but went with it and let Oliver take the lead, we had no accidents. The following day I picked him up from preschool in the same clothes he went in in and was informed that he had asked his teacher to help him go to the toilet. I was delighted and also shocked that the change had happened so quickly. In 8 months he had never told his teachers he needed to go and would only use the potty when taken. We had a few accidents that week but I remained calm and Oliver and I spoke about whether or not his body had given him any signals.
Camilla also helped me to understand that it is important to notice the little things and praise these too. One day when Oliver was cleaning up an accident I found myself commenting on how independent he was in dealing with it rather than focusing on the accident itself. It is still early days for us but there has been a huge turn around in Oliver's willingness to use the potty or toilet and he informs us or takes himself now regularly. We are arguing far less and the stress of it all is slipping away."

Laura Hancock, mother of two children


Rosie potty trained at 28 months old and quickly took to it and within a few months was mostly dry during the day with only an occasional accident. Shortly after her third birthday, Rosie's baby brother Sam was born and she immediately experienced a regression in the potty training - with up to six accidents a day. We tried all the tactics which worked first time round: stickers, rewards and regular prompting all with no success. We then did a lot of research and reading around and tried new tactics such as using a timer to prompt her to go to the toilet, asking her how we could help her, playing down any accidents and more. Nothing worked.

After 15 weeks of this we were beginning to feel the accidents were getting worse and that we would never be able to solve the problem. In a 4am moment of desperation I came across Camilla and immediately felt her approach and advice could help us. We met with Camilla that week. Camilla asked for a lot of information in advance which we duly provided and which really helped Camilla to ensure her advice was tailored to Rosie and her needs. Camilla suggested three main approaches - firstly to explain that we know Rosie used to be very good at going to the toilet but she started to have accidents when Sam came home, and also to speak to Rosie about the down side of having a new brother and specifically call out some examples (such as mummy can’t play when she is feeding Sam or Sam sleeps in Mummy and Daddy’s room and Rosie has to sleep on her own). Secondly we discussed with Rosie her body and her bladder and bowels and how they send signals to you to let you know when you need the toilet. Camilla sent us a picture of a body to use for the discussions. We then talked to Rosie about her getting signals from her body and if she had an accident it was separated from her and could be blamed on the bladder not sending her a signal. Thirdly we instituted a monitoring chart so she could tick when she even tried for a wee (with a focus on the trying rather than the result). She found this really motivating and it helped us keep a tally of what she'd done. 

We were amazed that the first few days after having these conversations Rosie had no accidents. In the first few weeks we had some days with one accident but many more with no accidents at all. Rosie not only went to the toilet when we asked her to try, but also told us when she needed to go, and even held it if we were out and needed to find a toilet. We couldn’t believe we would have such success so quickly! We are so grateful to Camilla for all her help.
Fiona and James, parents of two children


We decided to contact Camilla as we had reached a very difficult point potty training our daughter aged 31/4. While she was dry day and night for wees, the poo side of things was incredibly difficult with her soiling her pants at home and at nursery throughout the day. We filled out the forms in detail which helped us get real clarity about the point we had reached with Maya and during the consutation with Camilla she told us that she thought Maya was withholding. This was a term we hadn't come across but when Camilla explained that it comes about from a child developing a fear of doing a poo after an experience of it being painful due to constipation.  She told us that this causes the child to hold the poo in and this then results in a viscious circle of the poo backing up and bowel movements becoming even more difficult to pass.  She recommended we go back to our GP armed with information (GP's are frequently unaware of withholding) and request specific medication.  We then devised with Camilla a methodical plan of action of toileting routines, diet and medication combined with a much more gentle and relaxed approach with Maya.  The change took place over time but we have now reached the point where Maya goes willingly to the potty, poos almost every day, is so much happier and more relaxed and life is so much easier!  We are so grateful for Camilla's support, empathy and knowledge and highly recommend her"  Kristina and Eduard, parents of three children.

"I came to Camilla as I had reached the end of my tether with my daughter Sophia (who at the time had just turned 3). We tried potty training her for 6 months. Our problem in particular came from withholding her poos, thus making her very constipated and needing medication from our GP. She had developed a fear of going for a poo and would often hide and then come and tell me.

Camilla assured me that it was a very common problem amongst toddlers and we tackled the issue using a very gentle approach. We started to discuss her body (using images that Camilla provided me with) and explained how the digestive system works. 

Sophia took to this very quickly and within three weeks we had gone from all accidents in her underwear to all number two's in the potty or toilet. I was amazed at how quickly the change took place.

Alongside Camilla's support within the potty training area she also helped me trust my intuition as parent and to be kinder to myself. I had started to blame myself and my parenting technique for Sophia's fear of not using her potty for poos. My confidence was at an all time low when I had contacted Camilla. I was put at ease and felt no judgement from our very first phone call and together we tackled issues which have helped me to feel more confident in my decisions as a parent. I wish I had found Camilla sooner. We would not have been successful without her help- and so quickly! Thank you Camilla, we appreciate your help so much." 
Joanna Kyriakou, mother of Sophia



"Camilla made me feel comfortable from the moment we met her. She has a compassionate, non judgmental approach and just knows that each child is different. We had gone round in circles with our son trying and failing to get him to use the potty. Her questions and evaluation gave me a quick insight into the root of our potty training problems with our 3 year old son who has a speech delay. She helped me understand my sons behaviour and gave me strategies to help us cope with his reactions and impulsiveness to not use the toilet or alert us. Our consultations included fantastic tips and strategies, this has been so helpful for us and our son is now happily using the toilet, which I never thought would happen so quickly.  I really felt Camilla took the time to listen and keep us positive."
Fiona Rahman mother of three children