Camilla offers private, one-to-one consultations. 

These consultations are conducted via video call which are recorded for you to review. See below for more details. If you would like a free initial call to find out if Camilla could be of help then  please fill out the contact form or email camilla@myparentingsolutions and Camilla will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Potty Training Audit: 

Have you had some success but want some extra help? Take a 'Potty Training Audit'  Camilla offers two 45 minute video consultations to iron out the problems. This is an investment of £195 

Platinum Potty Training Package:

Would you like help to potty train your child or have you started and found it hasn't gone to plan? Camilla is highly experienced and will work with you to tailor a plan to suit your child.Potty training a toddler

"Camilla helped us get through our daughter's fear of potty training.  She has years of hands on knowledge which she distills into bite size practical points, delivered with reassuring calmness.  Her approach has improved all aspects of our communication with our daughter. "  Deandra and Glynn Reed, parents of 3 children

The package includes:

  • Comprehensive 'intake forms' filled out by you which Camilla analayses prior to the initial consultation 
  • Initial 90 minute video consultations
  • A 60 minute follow up session (can be 2 x 30 minutes)
  • A video recording of the session
  • Complete Guide to Potty Training Ebook by Camilla McGill, founder of My Parenting Solutions
  • Exclusively designed printable materials for children based on years of research
  • Unlimited personal email support between the sessions.
  • Access to all the modules of 'Potty Success Academy' online course and membership of the private facebook members group.

The investment in the package is £450  Appointments can be daytime or evenings is on video conference. Camilla offers a free 20 minute call to discuss your situation and find out if you'd like to work with her. Please fill out the contact form and Camilla will get back to you as soon as possible. 

"Thank you so much for the video consultations you did with myself and my partner.  We were surprised how incredibly helpful they were and felt that very little was lost by using video.  We have sorted out our rules at home and got so much better at managing the mornings, amongst other improvements.  It is amazing how we've gone from being a 'shouty' household to one where we are actually having a nice time and laughing so much more.  We never thought this would be possible."
Sabrina Green and David Hawsford, parents of three children.

Private one to one video consultations for any parenting issue.

No child comes with a manual and parenting is a job we have little to no training for.  Every workplace acknowledges the importance of training so why not invest in some tried-and-tested solutions for any challenge you have with parenting? Getting support is a sign of strength in your parenting and your committment to your children.

Camilla's video sessions are completely non-judgemental and parents go away with a list of 'action points' to work on plus a feeling of positivity and reassurance. 

Camilla offers two  45 minute problem-solving consultations for an investment of £195 or 

Camilla's Solution Finding Package which includes:

  • Three 90 minute video consultations
  • Video recordings of each session for parents to review for deeper learning
  • Email support in between sessions
  • All relevant printed material to support sessions:

Investment in the Solution Finding package £525. Appointments can be daytime or evenings and can be on video conferencing. Camilla offers a free 20 minute consutation to discuss your situation and for you to decide if you'd like to work with her.
Please fill out the contact form and Camilla will get back to you as soon as possible. 

 "Results from our sessions with Camilla were noticeable within 24 hours. Working with Camilla is so rewarding and the sessions were the highlight of my day!"
Bella Freud, mother of one and Designer