Common issues that parents face:

  • Children lacking cooperation and discipline: how to get them to willingly do what you’ve asked.
  • Parents recognising that their children are ‘normal’, but that a different approach is needed in order to get the best out of them, so that their children are confident, motivated, cooperative and communicative.

"My husband and I went to see Camilla because we wanted help in dealing with the changeable moods of our son, aged 11, and the fighting between him and his brother, aged 7. We believe that being a parent is the most important job we will do and we felt we wanted to develop our skills further. The sessions were so useful and interesting. Camilla has a great deal of experience through her work and her own children, and she dealt with us in such a calm, non-judgemental way. We still use the tips and advice Camilla gave us and it has really helped us to deal with and understand our children better. I strongly recommend seeing Camilla. She helps solve so many problems and that will make everybody happy!"
Sandra and Dominique Kobler, parents of two boys

  • Poor behaviour in the morning, at bedtime or at mealtimes.
  • Children misbehaving at nursery, school, socially or at home.
  • Potty training; parents needing help when potty training hasn't worked this could be a problem with 'wees' or 'poos' including withholding.


  • Potty training; getting it right from the start - parents wanting a step by step guide to successful potty training
  • Lack of effective routines, both in and outside the home.
  • Poor eating habits: fussy eaters, poor table manners.
  • Sleep issues: ineffective bedtime routines, refusal to go to bed, waking in the night.
  • Low motivation for homework and study; lack of confidence in academic ability.


  • Children needing more confidence: difficulty in trying new things, shyness, lack of faith in themselves.
  • Two parents with different parenting styles who need to be more consistent.

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