Camilla welcomes you to her My Parenting Solutions website

Here you can find the range of expert services that we provide, from sleep strategies and potty training to communication strategies for teenagers. The strategies have been built up over her many years of experience both as a parent to her four children, and as a coach to parents. Feel free to browse, and get in touch if something particularly takes your interest. We also love feedback so if something jars, or you like what you see, please send it across.

"It was extraordinary how much of a difference Camilla made to our family. She was empathetic, understood our concerns, and was spot-on with her advice things began to change within our home immediately. I highly recommend her for any worries to do with parenting."
Emma Freud and Richard Curtis, parents of four
Expert solutions

Expert solutions

With twenty years of professional experience working with parents, Camilla provides tried and tested evidence-based solutions to the wide range of problems that so many parents face.

Private consultations

Private consultations

Camilla offers private, one-to-one packages using video consultations covering any parenting issues including potty training.

"As a former teacher, I thought I'd find being a parent easy. I was so wrong. There are moments when you just don't know how to react, what to say or how to cope. I originally approached Camilla to get help with potty training (which we miraculously sorted with her expert help) but I hadn't appreciated just how much more we would learn from her. She's warm, funny and has SO much experience. It was such a relief to get the support we needed and gain so much confidence. Our children are by no means perfect but we are all SO much happier."
Jacinta and Ian, parents of two.