Finding Solutions


I truly believe that all children have amazing qualities within (even if they might seem hidden) and that our job as parents is to nurture and guide our children so that we bring out the best in them.  Sometimes this takes a long time and it can be a very bumpy ride. Understanding our children, their feelings, personalities and temperaments, is key to successful parenting.

During my consultations I explore with parents what makes their child tick, and I discuss ideas and solutions to bring out not only the best in their child but also to make their role as parents happier and more fulfilled.

The tabs at the side of this page offer ideas and solutions that you may find useful, as well as stories from my own children and from clients. 

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'Do you love your sister?' 
'Sometimes I want to push her and I wish it was just you and me mummy'
'I really understand that feeling. Sisters can be so annoying. You wish you could wave a magic wand and send her away sometimes don't you?'
'Yes but I want her to come back quickly because she makes me laugh'