Kids not so keen on a walk?

 As it is October half term I was determined to get my children out in the open air before winter sets in.  Most parents will agree that the suggestion of a 'nice walk' usually gets met with moans and groans and cries of 'nooooooo'.  My strategy with any upcoming event that they aren't enthusiastic about  is to deliver the bad news a good few days before the event and mention it every day up to when the event is planned.  This really helps lower any resistance.  It worked so well this time that the children barely moaned at all once we headed out for the walk. I had enthusiastically bought a book on 'Surrey walks' and we chose the shortest one we could find, which was supposed to be about two hours at a slow pace.  The walk started off really well,  we walked to what we thought was a half-way point and had our sandwiches and after that we walked through a field of three beautiful horses which we had to coax out of our pathway with some carrots left over from the picnic lunch - a real highlight and great souce of amusement. However, shortly after that we realised that our orienteering failed us miserably and we found ourselves hopelessly lost albeit in the middle of absolutely beautiful countryside.   My youngest is the most reluctant walker and at the point we realised we were lost she started moaning and complaining rather a lot which does tend to press my buttons.  Instead of criticising her for moaning or 'jollying her along' by commenting on the beautiful landscape (which I was so close to doing), I decided to engage her in planning for Halloween which is next week. I asked her what costume she wanted to wear and who she'd like to go trick or treating with and various other questions. Having watched the series 'Bake Off' recently we started talking about what we could bake and she got excited about the idea of baking Halloween themed cookies and icing them.  She was so engaged and started describing all the colours she would use and where she would hang the cookies.  It really lifted her mood and then I was able to comment on the fact that planning things and talking them through can really cheer you up.  We eventually found our way back to the car and I promised a cake and a hot chocolate in the nearest town.  Once we'd left the teashop we went in search of cookie cutters and amazingly the next shop along was a Halloween emporium with a fantastic array of cuttters including a pumpkin, a cat, a ghost and a witches hat!