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“It was really great to meet Camilla. The insight and very practical advice she shared with us is exactly what we were seeking and we already feel a difference with our daughter today. I thought the way Camilla combined her training and methods with elements of her personal story was unique. She has created a space for us to re-think things in quite a deep way, whilst at no point making us feel criticised or lectured to; a very special gift.”
Ruth and David Graham, parents of one girl.

Camilla has been working and actively involved parent coaching for over 20 years. She has four children who are 21, 18, 16 and 14 years old. In 2000, she went to parenting classes herself because both she and her husband, Paul, were struggling to manage their eldest child who was three years old at the time. Whilst delightful and entertaining at times, he could also be defiant, un-cooperative and aggressive. Camilla felt that her lack of parenting tools meant that the pleasure and joy of being a parent was reduced. The skills she learnt in the classes proved absolutely invaluable. Over a period of three months their son transformed. The change in his behaviour was marked and the teachers at his nursery school were intrigued to witness it. A short while later Camilla started training to become a parent facilitator.

Prior to parenting, Camilla’s background was in training and development. She ran a consultancy working with the staff within a number of large banks and management consultancies, including PWC, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Co. She worked with individuals and teams, teaching ways to increase personal effectiveness and motivation to improve productivity. This experience has dovetailed perfectly with working with parents; it has enhanced her effectiveness and maximised positive outcomes for her parenting clients.

"Camilla is someone who has very high standards of professionalism and takes enormous care with any task she undertakes. She is thoughtful and reflective as an individual. During the time I have known her, she has supported us in many ways including at times taking on tasks which have required her to go out of her way for us - and always with the utmost good grace."
Geethika Jaytilaka, Director Parent Gym

Camilla first trained in parenting skills at the New Learning Centre in West Hampstead in January 2001. She started leading courses and co-founded The Parent Practice in 2003 with Melissa Hood, where she was a director, senior facilitator and head of marketing full time until 2009. Since then she has focussed her work on her private practice giving one to one consultations and as a volunteer leading parenting classes on behalf of a charity called Parent Gym. These classes, run at schools in less affluent areas of London, are for parents who are often raising their children in very challenging situations. Camilla continues to attend a wide variety parenting courses to keep her skills fresh. Camilla is also a trained Early Years teacher and when working in a nursery environment found the positive parenting skills she teaches are invaluable when dealing with the children.

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Camilla's children:  Nico, Felix, Scarlett and Alice

"I have more confidence to help my children reach their full potential and I enjoy each stage of their development so much more. I've learned to speak more positively to my children and to listen to them, and now they talk to me so much more."
Sarah, mother of two, Fenstanton Primary School, London SE27

“This nine week programme gave me the additional tools and knowledge to equip myself to become a stronger and more dedicated parent to my son. I now have more confidence, patience and understanding, and he is so much happier and more cooperative.”
J, single parent at Kingswood Primary School, Gypsy Hill, London SE27